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Download Help

To download Zfone software, first you have to register so that an email can be sent to you with the download link. If you haven't done this already, visit the Zfone Register-to-Download Page to get the download process started.

Having download problems?

If you already registered and you still have problems downloading Zfone, here's what you can do. In the few cases when people have reported download problems, it's almost always a problem local to their own mail server environment, such as an overzealous spam filter. Check your junk mail folder before you write to us about download problems. You should also try registering again but with another email address at a different email service provider. Or, in the rarer cases when the problem is on our servers, it's usually a temporary glitch that goes away if you try again later (so far, this has only happened twice).

    Please read this:

    One particularly difficult problem we have seen is that some email services, such as Hotmail, use an anti-spam mechanism known as SPF, which rejects emails that don't appear to come from the sender's email address. If you use Hotmail or any other service that uses SPF, you might never receive the Zfone download information in your email, because it is mailed from a server that is owned by PGP Corp, but seems to come from, which SPF assumes is evidence of spam. Then, when you send a complaint, our email response to you will likely be stopped for similar reasons, and you'll think we are ignoring you. If this happens, try registering with a different email address, one that doesn't filter mail with SPF. Of course, you will only get this suggestion if you actually read this web page. Many people never read this web page, and never receive our email urging them to read this page, and thus assume we are ignoring them, and they stay locked in that assumption forever, unable to figure out that they should just read this page. And they will miss this suggestion: Register with another email address at a different email service provider.

Only after you try our suggestions above, if the problem still persists, send us an email to downloadhelp at zfoneproject dot com, and be sure to give all the details of exactly what you did and what you observed to help us track down the problem. Sometimes we get email that simply says it won't download, which doesn't help at all. Be more specific. Did you receive the email message with the download link? Or not? If you did get the email, what exactly happened when you clicked on the download link in the email message? Was it something unexpected? Forward that email to us so we can try downloading from the link. Sometimes we get an email complaining that the download didn't work (with no details specified as to how it failed), demanding that we send it to them by email, but without even telling us what version of Zfone (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux) they want. Not that we would email it to them manually anyway-- to stay out of legal trouble, we require all dowloaders to use our registration process to allow our download servers to do the necessary checks for embargoed countries and government watch lists.

You can use that email address only for reporting problems with downloading Zfone. The person who reads the email sent to that address will not respond to any other type of inquiry.

Having any other (not download-related) problems?

To read about known bugs and issues in the Zfone beta software, and to report bugs, visit the Zfone Bugs and Issues page.

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