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server problems

Problems with Our Download Server

look! 29 January 2011 - Sorry, but our download server is offline. We were using a download server at PGP Corp for many years, but they were acquired by Symantec in June 2010, and yesterday their download server became no longer available to us. To replace the special functionality of the PGP download server, we need to set up a new download server that is compliant with US export controls. It will take some effort to set up another server with all the "due diligence" checks in place, so this may take quite a bit of time to resolve.

Here is what we suggest now: We haven't updated the Zfone web site in a long time because Zfone has been largely superceded by Silent Phone, from Silent Circle, co-founded by Phil Zimmermann. Silent Phone is a better, more advanced product than Zfone.

If you are a software developer in need of a good ZRTP SDK, we can recommend two subroutine libraries from Werner Dittmann. ZRTPCPP for C++, and ZRTP4J for Java.

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